the story of this fake supreme collaboration is insanely elaborate

It involves an actor playing the “president” of Supreme.

by i-D Team
15 June 2018, 6:46am

With Supreme continuously being one of the most lusted after labels in the world, there are plenty of people looking to cash in on the box logo. This week saw one of the most elaborate attempts to steal some of Supreme’s cool go down in Guangzhou, China.

Chinese brand OXN debuted their Supreme collaboration with an elaborate event that included a runway presentation and hosting the "president" of Supreme for photo opps. The only problem being that the collaboration was completely fake, all the garments were counterfeit, and the so-called president of Supreme was really an actor. Reportedly OXN hired the actor to pretend to be Supreme’s founder, and recent CFDA winner, James Jebbia to add an air of legitimacy to the event. Apparently the “rent-a-foreigner” business isn’t a new phenomenon and is often used by various companies to trick Chinese consumers.

While the elaborate ploy might seem excessive to some it’s nothing new in China, where not-so-legit Yeezy stores exist thanks to differences in China’s trademark laws. The bad news for OXN however is that their stunt seems to have backfired by being getting too much attention. According to Jing Daily, thanks to adoration for Supreme in China the event went viral on Chinese social media with most people commenting how embarrassing it was for OXN to be pulling the stunt.

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