london band sorry are unapologetically awesome

Looking for something equal parts Goosebumps and Twin Peaks? Take an exclusive look at Sorry’s new video.

by Frankie Dunn
16 May 2018, 12:03pm

“We would traverse any sector of London to see Sorry play -- even west!” local band and fellow members of the scene coming up through Brixton’s The Windmill, Shame, told i-D last year. “They are not here to impress anyone or write songs they feel would give the A&Rs in the crowd a boner, they are here because music is truly their passion.” What a lovely testimony! Wholeheartedly agreeing with the sentiment, we asked the foursome to play our stage at The Great Escape tomorrow and (thankfully!) they agreed.

Like a lot of the best bands, founding Sorry members Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen (both in their early 20s) were childhood best friends. Having joined forces with Lincoln Barrett on drums and Campbell Baum on bass, they’ve since signed to Domino and -- a lifetime of making DIY home movies coming in very handy -- have so far released two visual mixtapes. The latest, Home Demo/ns Vol II, came just two months ago, inviting fans to fully immerse themselves in all things Sorry.

Aside from the mixtapes, grungy single 2 Down 2 Dance got us truly hooked back in February. Intelligent and visceral, it knowingly flirts with the realities of depression and almost definitely helped to bag them a support slot on the Sunflower Bean tour they just came off.

Today we’re stoked to give you an exclusive first look at the video for Showgirl, a new single about “awkwardness, lusting from afar, desire and disgust” produced by Frank Ocean and James Blake collaborator Sean Oakley. Shot by Johnny Goddard, it’s all shadow play, bad wigs and dark rooms illuminated by a red glow -- simultaneously giving us flashbacks of both Twin Peaks and Goosebumps. Dark. To celebrate the release, we quizzed Louis and Asha on their first impressions of each other, their TGE rollercoaster plans and how much we’d have to pay them to live at The Windmill and never leave again.

Do you remember your first impressions of each other?
Louis: I thought Asha had great vibes and a sweet perm haircut, and Asha liked my golden locks. Also I was slightly scared of her.
Asha: Louis's golden locks.

Which fictional crew do you reckon you’re most like?
Both: Mean Girls.

Tell us about the best/worst videos you made growing up.
Asha: I made a video in the garden once, about a portal... obvs very Harry Potter influenced!

What do you do when you're feeling 2 Down 2 Dance ?
Asha: Simultaneously feel too depressed for romance.

When it comes to Sorry, what do people get wrong?
Both: People say that we're from south London.

What’s the last thing you apologised for?
Louis: Blocking the toilet ;)

What movie do you think Home Demo/ns Vol II would be the best soundtrack for?
Louis: Dude, Where’s My Car?

And what's Showgirl all about then?
Asha: Some mixture of feelings; awkwardness, loving or lusting from afar, desire, disgust. Just take it as you wish.

What was the best thing that happened on the Sunflower Bean tour?
Asha: Cruising into Norwich shouting Rick Ross' Hustlin’ at people, with tour manager Callum 'Queen' Tikly.

Why should people come see you live?
Asha: What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play... life is a cabaret old chum.

Aside from playing the i-D stage (thanks!) do you have Brighton plans?
Louis: Couple of pints, maybe a rollercoaster.

Shame once told us that you’re “not here to impress anyone or write songs they feel would give the A&Rs in the crowd a boner,” which was a really nice thing to say. But who are you secretly really bothered about impressing?
Asha: The people we fancy... and our mamas and papas.

How much would we have to pay you to live at The Windmill and never leave again?
Both: A lot! (sorry Tim).

Catch them live at London’s Courtyard Theatre on 26 June.

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