venture out of your comfort zone with a dark techno mix from abyss x

ft. Cardi B, Lydia Lunch quotes and several nervous breakdowns.

by Juule Kay
09 February 2018, 3:05pm

Foto: NSFW

It's Friday, the weekend is fast approaching, you're probably looking for something that'll get you in the mood for an unforgettable night out. Anticipating this exact scenario, we asked Berlin-based Greek musician and performance artist Abyss X to provide us with a mix guaranteed to pull listeners into an experimental sonic adventure.

True to her form of breaking rules and messing up structures, expect a superposition of experimental techno beats and R&B vocals, reminiscent of collage-like video game music. The fact that Evangelia Lachianina aka Abyss X is reluctant to stick with one genre is mirrored in her diverse background across dance, theatre and film. Here's what she warned us to expect from her gritty debut i-D mix:

"I rarely do mixes, so when I do, they tend to be very collage like; a tsunami of different ideas and feelings invade my stream of thoughts and my sonic timeline. In this mix, I feature quotes from early Lydia Lunch interviews, alongside some from Terence McKenna and Martha Graham -- all very enlightened people in their own ways. The mix sounds very cyclothymic in nature, with occasional nervous breakdowns. I treat a mix as a piece of information, with it's own story to tell and its own messages to convey. It's up to the listener to figure it out!”


Hole, Credit In A Straight World intro
Tone Padron, Melania Carry + Headstone Lane, Knuckle Duster + Neri J, New Era
Jack of Jill, Super Sadist
Errorsmith, Airbag + Fatima Al Qadiri, Shaneera
Abyss X, H.TURT
aTelecine, I Came I Sat I Departed
Englesia, Under my Skin
Arti Kodin & Dini W, Psytribe + DJ Kitoko, Justice
DJ Kitoko, Pilli Pilli
Szare, Paried Balls + Cardi B
Hisato Higuchi, Girl Sister
Nic Endo, White Heat
Bl4ckFl4me + Jordan Gamardio
Igor Stravisky, Rite of Spring
Ledef, Purity Bynez
Cyberstruct, A Fork In The Road Between Two Dead Ends + UVB, Head For Head + An Angel Saved My Life
Abyss X, Humility
Kim Young Im, Eongseon Arirang
Nic Endo, Heroines
Thunder Orchestra, Diabolical Gesture + Meredith Monk Scared Song
Abyss X, Lyrical Waxing

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Abyss X