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there’s going to be a dapper dan biopic

It’ll be based on his memoirs.

by Georgie Wright
09 March 2018, 1:43pm

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In a Diet Prada world, knockoffs have been called out quicker than the internet meme-ifies a new Drake video, and become a sin on par with putting the milk in before you take the teabag out. But back in the 80s and early 90s, Harlem tailor Dapper Dan was ripping off the logos of the likes of Louis V and Gucci, and putting them on hip hop stars and celebrities like Jay Z, Salt-N-Peppa, Mike Tyson, Aaliyah and LL Cool J. Following a series of related legal battles, Dan was put out of business.

In a very full circle move, Gucci’s cruise 18 reinterpreted one of his most iconic designs, the internet got pissed that he got no credit, then announced they’ll reopen his atelier with him. At the time, Dan said, “Everyone paid homage to Dapper Dan, but no one ever paid him. The people have spoken and Gucci have listened. Nothing has been more significant in the Harlem cultural scene than Alessandro and Gucci coming to Harlem and partnering with Dapper Dan.”

Suffice to say he’s had an interesting life. Now we get to see it in high res, with news that a Dapper Dan biopic is on its way, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It will be based on Dan’s memoirs, set to be released in 2019, and is being adapted by The Carmichael Show’s Jerrod Carmichael. Dapper Dan and his son/brand manager Jelani Day will be executive producers, so we can chill about another book being bastardised.

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