amber rose shuts down trolls who called her three-year-old son 'gay' for wearing a wig

"Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with the way you dress," Amber argues.

by Isabelle Hellyer
11 August 2016, 1:46pm

Yesterday Amber Rose shared a photo of her adorable son Sebastian wearing a wig she'd worn earlier in the week on her sex-positive VH1 show. "Of course Sebastian had to be a spooky zombie in Mommy's wig today," Amber captioned the photo. It was a cute moment, until trolls flooded the photo to label Sebastian gay — all because of the wig.

Amber, understandably, was pissed. She addressed the commenters in a series of Snapchats, reminding trolls that clothing, accessories, and wigs have literally nothing to do with sexuality. "I posted a picture of Sebastian playing with my wig earlier and all the comments are saying that my son is gay — he's three!" Amber said. 

"Everyone who is commenting: do me a favor. Go put a wig on your boyfriend, or your dad, or your baby's father, and see if they turn gay and let me know. Oh — they didn't turn gay? Wow! I'm so confused because I could've sworn you just said wigs make men gay. How about all of you ignorant fucks read a book, and realize that your sexual orientation has nothing to do with the way you dress," she concluded. Hear hear, Amber. 


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