​#shade: drake ditches madonna, replaces with rihanna

The Houston-loving singer switched the names in his track Madonna after their awkward Coachella stage snog.

by Charlotte Gush
26 May 2015, 1:39pm

Two things: Drake loves Houston and Drake does not love Madonna. The Toronto-born rapper simultaneously opened his Jungle Tour and closed the second edition of his Texan love-in, Houston Appreciation Weekend, on Saturday, making some #shade-y changes to If You're Reading This It's Too Late track Madonna.

The Coachella kiss

After sharing the most awkward stage kiss of all time at Coachella, Drake and Madonna seemed to be A-OK, sharing the same picture of their 'moment' on Instagram, with Drake dismissing claims he was disgusted by captioning the snap, "Don't misinterpret my shock!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel


about that forever. Thank you @madonna".


Since then, it has been claimed that the kiss shouldn't have been a shock, as it was pre-planned, with Madonna answering a US radio show question about the advice she'd give her younger self: "Don't kiss Drake, no matter how many times he begs you to." When she was asked specifically about the kiss, she responded, "I kissed a girl and I like it".

Drake replaces Madonna with Rihanna

Now it seems Drake has decided to throw some shade back in the Material Girl's direction. At the tour opener in Houston, he replaced all references to Madonna, in his song called Madonna, with Rihanna, emphasising the burn by performing it in front of an actual fire. In the video above, you can hear the lines "You could be big as Rihanna" and "Big as Rihanna, I'll say it again" at 1:06 and 1:20, respectively. It seems the Rebel Heart queen of pop has already crafted the perfect come back though, with a track on her last album: Bitch I'm Madonna.