has cara quit modelling?

With seven films in the pipeline, has Cara Delevingne left the modelling world for the bright lights of Hollywood once and for all?

by Alice Newell-Hanson
03 July 2015, 10:10am

Another day, another speculation about Cara Delevingne. While the model managed to set the record straight on issues including her sexuality and relationship status this month - in a controversial Vogue cover story - the rumour that she is leaving modelling just won't quit. 

But this time it might be for real. The model's profile is no longer up on the Storm Models website. The agency signed Cara when she was 15 and has represented her throughout her seven-year career. But a glaring space between Irish model Caitlyn Lecky and Carla Bruni suggests that their relationship might be over.

In interviews, Cara has been upfront about her mixed (leaning negative) feelings about modelling. "It was a machine that I wasn't controlling," she told Vogue this month. And she's spoken frequently about the toll it's taken on her body - specifically stress-induced psoriasis - as well as her mental well-being.

But the real reason this might be Cara's fashion farewell is the start of her legitimate second career as an actress. Her first lead-role movie, Paper Towns, hits theatres later this month, and she's currently filming the very hush-hush Suicide Squad in Canada. Is this the true beginning of Cara 2.0? We'll have to wait until July 24 to find out.


Text Alice Newell-Hanson
Photography Angelo Pennetta

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