i-Deal: music maven matthew mazur

​i-Deal is a new interview series that delves into the i-Deal everythings of our fashion insiders. From ultimate breakfasts to dream dates, i-D asks for their favourite picks.

by Alex Chapman
08 December 2014, 12:00pm

DJ Matthew Mazur (who operates under the crudely clever moniker Mazurbate) is one of New York's most stylish, eccentric characters. Known for his close ties with king of fashion fun Jeremy Scott, Mazur often DJs Scott's wildly popular events, like this year's Coachella party held at Frank Sinatra's lavish estate or his now notorious Fashion Week soirees. Mazur holds down a number of New York spots, such as East Village gem Bedlam, wherein his culturally colorful set ranges from Baile Funk to Dembow to Lil Kim crowd pleasers. We sent the DJ extraordinaire our questionnaire to uncover his thoughts on fashion, nightlife and Mariah Carey.

i-Deal Breakfast?
All you can eat breakfast buffet. I like options, a lot of options.

i-Deal Playlist?
A mixture of songs that remind a person I like of me, from all genres, time periods, and languages that I haven't heard before along with some classics.

i-Deal Mode of transport?
My bike or private jet.

i-Deal Outfit?
As of late it's a black Chrome Hearts wife-beater with a black Gaultier long sleeve mesh top underneath. Black adidas track pants monogrammed with my initials in swarovski crystals. Moschino leather du-rag. A Jeremy Scott J-Up duffle bag. Celine Fur soled Pool Slides in black. Red Hermes Medor Watch. Personalized Nameplates in Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. A Diamond Tennis Bracelet. A Pearl Ring. Linda Farrow Luxe Gold Mirrored Aviators, and a Galliano for Dior Rasta Puffer incase it get's cold.

i-Deal Night Out?
Doing a surprise DJ set at the Boom Boom Room during their annual halloween party where Champagne is spilling all over the place, seeing the Fashion crowd dancing to Superwoman by Lil Mo and Fabolous, and having my all my friends dancing on grand pianos and pool table. Then having another DJ of my choice go on after me so I can dance like an animal.

i-Deal Vacation?
Somewhere I've never been that is secluded and beautiful, like Mallorca, that kind of vibe. Where I can be up to my neck in water and see my feet at the bottom of the sand and not see anyone for miles.

i-Deal Date?
Something spontaneous and crazy. Starting off with a surprise by me not even knowing the person I'm dating is in town.

i-Deal Pet?
The chubbiest black pug money can buy.

i-Deal Home?
Mariah Carey's MTV Cribs Tribeca Apartment.

i-Deal Future?
To see the ones I love become successful and recognised whilst I do the same. To be so in love that I can't breathe, with someone that understands my insanity and is just as ambitious, passionate and creative as me if not more, and to always stay true to myself and never let anything change who I am or where I came from



Text Alex Chapman
Photography Adrian Mesko

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