lanvin autumn/winter 14 menswear

Alber Elbaz and Lucas Ossendrijver weren’t kidding around when they dreamt up the amazingly versatile Lanvin collection they showed in Paris on Sunday morning. After the show, Alber told i-D just why.

by Anders Christian Madsen
19 January 2014, 7:00pm

Lanvin autumn/winter 14

The collection was very comprehensive.
The new modern man of today, is he multi-faceted or one? In the past there used to be one thing. Today, every day he has a different me. It's about giving the people the freedom to choose. That's the thing.

There was so much beautiful detailing, it was hard to keep up.
We live in a world of reality shows, and we need to see everything and to know everything. And maybe we also changed the reading of the show. We gave more time for people just to watch and maybe to dream.

Does this reflect the world we live in?
We live with digital, we buy in digital. I don't have a computer. I don't even have an email address. But I think there's always that need to be what you are, so it's more of a positive thing, I think, than negative.

How did you approach the garments?
The whole idea here is maybe a mix between gabardine and nylon. Maybe a geeky suit with acid coloured sneakers. Maybe it's this kind of erased face. When we saw it first it looked so African, but when we looked at all the faces I said, 'This is what the new world is doing: erase the people's faces.' And that's what I was talking about with regards to watching the show. It's not one look, it's not one guy, it's not one sort of casting, but it's an individual.

Some would say an 'erased face' isn't a good thing?
Everything has to be so politically correct. We have to be so right about everything. And God forbid if we are in the wrong place or said the wrong thing to someone. We can lose our job.

What's your message with this collection?
We go with freedom, individuality, with total authenticity to the people, and it's a lot of things that we're going on. There are a lot of prints, a lot of cuts, and a lot of different fabrics and a lot of silhouettes and a lot of colours. And how do you put all of it together? It's about the chemistry between the linear and the round. It's not the bland.


Text Anders Christian Madsen
Photography Mitchell Sams

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