​kim kardash’s news ass-gregator

Could plastering serious headlines across KK’s butt be the only way to get celeb goss lovers to read the real news?

11 June 2015, 12:38am

"Yazidi fighters accused of reprisal attacks in Iraq", "More than 6000 killed in Ukraine", "Hope for democracy in Nigeria" - all stories that the world should be reading about…if they weren't stuck staring at Kim Kardashian's belfies or pap shots of her posterior. So "The Big Ass News" has decided to combine the two, plastering weighty headlines across her "huge platform." Click on the coverlines on Kim's butt and be directed to serious stories on The Telegraph, Salon, Business Insider, The NY Times and more. It's a satirical look on current celeb culture and what we class as "news" and will hopefully re-direct the stares to world affairs.



Text Stuart Brumfitt