​10 things you need to know about molly bair

She’s the girl from Philly who looks like a praying mantis and closed Chanel Couture in a wedding dress. Meet our favorite new face, Molly Bair.

by Felicity Kinsella
27 April 2015, 2:10pm

Rochas fall/winter 15

"I never thought I was that strange looking, then I would look online and people would be like, 'this girl's so alien' and stuff, and I'm like 'what, I'm normal.' I guess I'm embracing that alien-rat-demon-goblin-gremlin sort of vibe," Molly Bair says in a CNN interview earlier this year. The fashion industry may be the first to cash in on the Amazonian goddesses and perfectly proportioned bodies of its high fashion models,but it's also the first to celebrate beauty that isn't so stereotypical. Welcoming the likes of Masha Tyelna and Tanya Dziahileva, the runways have always been home to "alien" beauty, and the latest girl to pop up on our radar is six-foot-one, 17-year-old Molly Bair. Hailing from Philadelphia and discovered in a New York flea market, Molly is now signed to ELITE London and has walked for everyone from J.W. Anderson to Alexander McQueen and even closed spring 15's Chanel Couture extravaganza as the bride.

1. Molly would describe herself as...
"Slightly evil and slightly funny."

2. She's walked so many shows she can't remember what they were. She hates picking favorites, but if she had to choose…
"I'm going to have to say the Prada was one of my favorites because the collection and set were kind of mind blowing. Also in my favorites were WangChanelProenza, and Giles."

Fendi fall/winter 15

3. This is how she felt walking down the aisle in a wedding dress at Chanel...
"To say the least, it was quite the honor to be picked as the bride. All of the extra time I got to spend with Karl and the Chanel team was amazing because they are some of the coolest and kindest people in the industry. It was pretty insane to close the show because normally when I walk a show, I don't even notice what's going on because I walk too quickly to really realize. But, since the dress was heavy and the speed of the music was slow, I had to maintain my pose for a good minute or so. If you know me, you know that it is hard for me to be graceful for more than 30 seconds, so being the bride was a challenge. Regardless, it was an all-round incredible experience."

4. Molly's model role models are...
"I have loads of respect for Julia Nobis and Saskia de Brauw because of the quantity and quality of top campaigns and editorials they have booked, while at the same time not developing a sense of entitlement or an attitude."

5. If she could use her newfound fame to do good, she would…
"Promote protecting the environment, such as enforcing stricter laws about emissions and pollution."

6. She was pretty good in school, but had a mischievous side…
"I've always liked learning so I paid attention in most classes. Despite this, whenever I had class with my friend Bruce, all bets were off. I played a bunch of sports so I was sort of jock-ish I guess. I had my fair share of friends, and a good deal of enemies. But don't we all?"

7. In the blockbuster of her life, this is who she'd choose to play herself:
"Kristen Wiig would play me and my romantic other would be played by Larry David"

8. The best advice she's ever got is some tough love from Papa Bair…
"Suck it up."

9. If she could find out the answer to any question in the world, she would ask...
"Are there other forms of life on other planets?"

10. She believes beauty comes from the inside…
"Beauty is loving and having confidence in who you are and what you look like."


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