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Paris still burns brightly with the spirit of revolution. With words as their weapons and fire in their hearts, we meet the students who’ve taken to Paris’ boulevards to fight for global equality.

by i-D Staff
08 May 2015, 1:10pm

Paul Bonnarby-Duval, 18, A-level student
What does freedom mean to you? Freedom means doing what one wishes to do, without having any negative effects on another person. What do you want the future to look like? I would like wars to cease so that we can finally provide help to the populations who most need it and share the benefits we have with everyone on the planet.
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Anouk Capion, 17, literature student
What do you stand for? Freedom of expression, women's rights and equality, respect for traditions, religions and cultures of different countries. I hope one day people will be able to travel and communicate around the world more easily, and be open minded. What is the mood in Paris two months after the terrorist attacks? People are still in shock, but time makes them think. What do you think defines your generation? We are a generation with a lot of creativity. But unfortunately we are also very violent, because of our different role models in music, arts and politics.
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Laurent Escalere, 16, economics student
What do you stand for? I stand for equality. What does freedom of speech mean to you? In France, freedom is advocated by the slogan "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité", but the term "freedom of the media" is a source of disagreement at the moment, because its boundaries aren't clearly defined. What is the mood in Paris two months after the terrorist attacks? My high school is next to the Place de la République, where Parisians gathered after the attacks, so I was able to observe the wave of solidarity that followed. Now people are more careful than they were before. Some Muslims feel threatened by racism.
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Jean Kervoalen, 16, art student
What do you stand for? Liberty. What does freedom of speech mean to you? It's important for me. Everyone has the right to express themselves. What is the mood in Paris two months after the terrorist attacks? After the shock of attacks and all the big gatherings, Paris has found its normal life again. What do you think defines your generation? The diversity of different groups, and trends. There are a lot of different styles. What unites your generation? Social networking and all the new ways of communicating. Who do you look to for inspiration? My parents, the street culture, new materials and new textile technologies.
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Antoine Lacoste, 17, economics student
What does freedom of speech mean to you? Freedom is the possibility to do and say what you want, when you want. It's freedom of opinion. What unites your generation? Sports, music and the pleasure of teasing teachers. What do you want the future to look like? Peaceful and low-key. What is the mood in Paris two months after the terrorist attacks? Life goes on and people are back to work, but we see more soldiers in the streets, the stations and in the airports as part of Plan Vigipirate. 
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Etienne Philippe, 21, art student
What does freedom of speech mean to you? The most important thing right now is 'le vivre ensemble' (living together) and respecting your peers, particularly in a country like France, where freedom is part of our anthem. What defines your generation? We cannot think by ourselves. We no longer have the energy our parents had, because we don't fight for anything anymore. On the other hand, a part of this generation is trying to find a way to bring about positive change.
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Caroline Godard, 20, actress
What unites your generation? Social networks. Today, everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It might be the only thing we all have in common. The 'Je suis Charlie' wave weakens day after day because some people fall silent and change sides. The real Charlies stay. It's so disappointing to see that a large part of the population still doesn't understand what the Charlie spirit represents. Is it stupidity? Ignorance? Or simply spite? What do you want the future to look like? I'm not very hopeful for the future. I just hope that the world will not get worse...
Caroline wears dungarees Sonia Rykiel. Rollneck John Smedley.

Pablo Attal, 16, high school student
What do you stand for? I care a lot about African people in my country of origin. Africa is the fucking future. There are so many things to build and develop there. I hope I'll work there one day. What is the mood in Paris two months after the terrorist attacks? The sad mood that followed the attacks has left a bit. Paris was really sad, people deserted the streets and stayed home because the media sold fear. It was like a huge ghost city. Then there was a big wave of hope. After January 11, French people understood that they still stand for the same ideas, it was beautiful. What unites your generation? We are united by our codes. The culture in which we evolve unites us.
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