​are #breastfeeding selfies the new #freethenipple?

Doutzen Kroes exposed her breast in a candid selfie. So why hasn’t Instagram taken it down?

by Tish Weinstock
06 April 2015, 5:55pm

The battle of Instagram vs. the female breast continues as Victoria's Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes just uploaded a picture of herself using a breast pump to help feed her newborn baby. While Instagram has yet to take it down (although the tit trolls of social media are, no doubt, rolling back their sleeves ready to type as you read this), it calls into question social media's arbitrary censorship of women's bodies.

As I'm sure you're well aware by now, Instagram has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to nudity and/or mature content. But why, then, are female breasts allowed on Insta but their nipples aren't? Furthermore, how come one is considered illicit content and the other not? Well, that's easy: breast feeding reaffirms women's role as domestic carers while their exposed nipples are a sign of female empowerment - as it puts them on equal footing as men (shock! horror!).

Bare breasted, but nipple bound, Doutzen's candid selfie promotes the health benefits and natural beauty of breastfeeding. It does not, however, call for equality of the sexes, nor does it challenge the unfair sexualization and objectification of women. Swap that breast pump for a nip and all hell would break lose. Once again, the arbitrary censorship of women's bodies prevails. All hail the patriarchy.

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