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Valentine Uhovski, the improbably named “fashion evangelist” at Tumblr, shares his tips for social media virality.

by i-D Team and Valentine Uhovski
31 March 2015, 8:40pm

"How do I become Tumblr famous?" is the question that I (and pretty much all my colleagues) get asked all the time. The honest truth is unless you somehow have the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch or Cara Delevingne hanging around in your living room right now, the answer is never straight forward. Who'd guess that The Dress was going to shatter Tumblr and pretty much every highway on the Internet during the height of the fashion season? Or that one of our top menswear voices of the last few years would be a dapper Shiba Inu?

What I do know is that I'm constantly in awe of our community. You see, as our resident Fashion Evangelist, part of my job is to be always on Tumblr. Like all the time. I follow thousands of brilliant blogs, and there are almost 229 million more to discover. It's like being in the midst of the Creator Cosmos. And while I don't yet have an exacting formula for Tumblr fashion stardom, I decided to highlight a few tips that will at least put you on the right inspirational path.

When in doubt, fuzzy animals make everything better. At least that's how John McLaughlin decided to cover Fashion Week for the first time last year, and became an instant darling. Everyone from Anna Wintour to Scott Sternberg lovingly stuck their hand out for a Tumblr portrait and the world momentarily became a better place.

Curating on Tumblr can be an art. Visionaries like Nick Knight or Marina Abramović let Tumblr geniuses take over their pages and the results are marvelous.

Speaking of art....this splendid Tumblr sees masterpieces in some of the best runway looks and it's hard not to be impressed.

Fashion gifs can be masterful creations. I'm still in awe every time Greta Larkins creates something kinetic out of still images. Yiota Katraki never disappoints with her amazing moving collages. And have you seen Luca Mainini's insane world?

Brands really step up their game on Tumblr. Sure, lots of fashion houses do lots of fantastic work on social media. But have you seen Tumblr pages by DiorUnder Los AngelesCalvin KleinLacosteBurberry to name very few?

South Korean street style is all the rage right nowJust takelook at these gems.

Vintage can be very viral. Sometimes a scanner can resurrect wondrous things, become bizarrely funny, or teach you quite a bit about fashion history.

Nothing beats a great original fashion photography. There are thousands of great Tumblr fashion photographers. MarioRyanJamieDavidMiguel and Hannah are just very, very few of the standouts.

Nail art can be all sorts of amazing. Miss Lady Finger makes those fantasies a reality.

Finally, when you're searching for a perfect Tumblr rabbit hole to get sucked into... these are few nice tunnels to commence with.


Text Valentine Uhovski
Image Scout Willis 

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