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Following on from the morning’s memorial to the late, great Louise Wilson, the last Central Saint Martins MA graduates to have studied under her kept her spirit alive in a show filled with all the outstanding creativity and obvious youthful enthusiasm...

by i-D Team
21 February 2015, 1:00pm

matty bovan, knitwear

As Central Saint Martins alumni Ed Marler and Caitlin Price showed on the Fashion East stage, the next generation of CSM talent finally got the chance to present their worth to the industry elite. From knitting with foam to blink-and-you'll-miss-it dildos, 15 young designers said goodbye to their student days in a showdown that gave us the first glimpse of our new stars.

First up was the standout Matty Bovan, winner of the L'Oréal Professionnel Creative Award, with a dazzling concoction of cobwebbed yarns, sparkly crochet and trailing threads. Fellow recipient of the L'Oréal Professionnel Creative Award was the equally as exceptional Beth Postle. Sending an army of PVC pop art coated canvases inspired by French artist Jean Dubuffet down the runway, Postle's is a name to put at the top of your ones to watch list.

Knitwear extraordinaires Hayley Grundmann and Kristyna Kozhoma upped the weaving game employing strips of foam and thick shiny plastic instead of wool to create their sculptural masterpieces and Xinyuan Xu closed the show in a mirage of floating cactuses.

Louise Wilson is often quoted as saying, "As much as I might decry the students, as much as they're a nightmare, it is a privilege to be among youth." We found it a privilege to be witness to the last generation to have received her mentorship and whether she decried them or not, think Louise would have been proud of her students' achievements last night.

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Yushan Li, Textiles for Fashion

Yushan Li, Textiles for Fashion

Ben Rice, Menswear

Matty Bovan, Knitwear

Hayley Grundmann, Knitwear

Seyoung Hong, Womenswear

Xinyuan Xu, Womenswear

Catriona McCauley Boyle, Textiles for Fashion

Samuel Guidong Yang, Womenswear

James Theseus Buck, Textiles for Fashion and Beth Postle, Textiles for Fashion

Xinyuan Xu, Womenswear

Xinyuan Xu, Womenswear

Kristyna Kozhoma, Knitwear

Kristyna Kozhoma, Knitwear

James Theseus Buck, Textiles for Fashion

Beth Postle, Textiles for Fashion


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