anish kapoor's sculpture in versailles vandalised

Paris art prudes strike again, having already popped Paul McCarthy giant green inflatable butt plug.

by Felix Petty
19 June 2015, 11:20am

Anish Kapoor's exhibition of sculpture at Versailles drew controversy when he described one of his works, Dirty Corner, as a "the vagina of a queen who is taking power." Dirty Corner is an opulent, grand, concave, sculpture, and though he has said he doesn't remember using those exact words to describe the work, but has said he doesn't see any problem with it. Saying "the point is to create a dialogue between these great gardens and the sculptures." It drew anger from some though, and was recently vandalised. "Damage to the work was discovered Wednesday morning," Versailles' management said. "It was lightly sprayed with paint. The work is being cleaned." 

This isn't the first time a work in Paris has drawn ire from French conservatives and been vandalised. Paul McCarthy installed a giant, green, inflatable butt plug in the Place Vendôme, next to The Ritz, last Christmas, which was accused of humiliating Paris, popped and deflated after only one day. 

In an interview with Le Figaro though, Anish Kapoor said he work bore nothing in common with Paul McCarthy's butt plug, and that "blind vandalism proves that the power of art can intrigue minds and move limits […]. The positive thing about this attack is that it highlights the creative force of an inanimate object."

Anish Kapoor
Queen's Vagina