​exclusive: watch kali uchis and sophia webster bring barbie to east london

She gets a Rinse FM girl gang and dines in a pie and mash shop, obvs.

by i-D Staff
27 August 2015, 10:55am

"The best part about being alive, is the gift of a new day," intones singer-songwriter Kali Uchis in her soft, pouting Colombian accent. A blonde bombshell for the internet era, Uchis is the perfect embodiment of Barbie in 2015, in a collaboration with Sophia Webster that makes pastel pink perfect sense.

In Dolled Up, a film by Sharna Osborne, we see Uchis catch the bus, nip to the corner shop and catch up with her girls -- Yinka, Yasmin, Maya and Emerald from Rinse FM -- in the iconic L.Manze jellied eels and pie and mash shop in Walthamstow. Kitted out with backpacks and clutches that proclaim "I love Ken Shoes," they show their footwear fandom in Sophia Webster's winged stilettos, bubblegum slingbacks, flat sandals and patterned high top trainers.

As we exclusively premiere the dreamy campaign film, i-D caught up with Kali to get the low down on being Barbie...

Can you tell us about your Barbie experiences as a kid? What did you do with them?
"I enjoyed having the dolls in soap-opera type scenarios. For instance let's say Barbie's on the run, she hijacks Ken's car with her friend... I liked to have them live an open-ended life on the edge."

Did you enjoy dressing up Barbie-style for the video? How did it feel being a real life Barbie?
"Playing dress up is always fun. Being a real life Barbie feels like when you sip the foam out of the top of your root beer float."

What was the reaction in East London when you were shooting the video?
"I was the laughing stock of the town -- lots of pointing and laughing. We gave a lot of people their jollies that day."

I noticed there are Barbie flats in the shoot, as well as heels. Is Barbie more than the heel these days?
"Barbie is anything she wants to be. Barbie can't be confined to a heel. Barbie could be a boot if she wanted, heck, Barbie could be a boat if she wanted."

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