premiere: krista papista, 'i wish i had blue eyes' (clara 3000 remix)

The Vetements and Jacquemus collaborator drops a new remix of Krista Papista’s sordid pop anthem.

by i-D Staff and Felix Petty
18 May 2016, 2:31pm

Paris' coolest DJ and most singular selector is back with a new remix of Krista Papista's new self released track I Wish I Had Blue Eyes.

Krista's music is beautiful and leftfield, classic odd pop, full of big weird hooks, and unconventional structures. In the hands of Clara 3000, the producer behind last season's masterful Vetements and Jacquemus show soundtracks, Krista's self-described "sordid pop" is turned into a Depeche Mode-esque outsider dancefloor anthem of dark synths, sharp guitars, and rolling drums. One to sweat in leather to in the dark room of a strange club.


Photography Pierre Ange Carlotti

Clara 3000
krista papista