10 things you should know about NEWGEN designer Danielle Romeril

Hailing from the streets of Dublin, womenswear designer Danielle Romeril is currently working on her spring/summer 15 collection following the BFC announcement that she will receive NEWGEN sponsorship. Alongside the likes of Ashley Williams and Ryan Lo...

by Francesca Dunn
14 July 2014, 6:25pm

Danielle Romeril autumn/winter 14

Already picked up by the coolest stores in Hong Kong and the US, her designs remind us of starry trips to summery school discos on Princess Leia's planet, Alderaan. Spice girl hair, lace window pockets, shapes, layers and plenty of fun are all on offer in her beautiful, thoughtful creations that she reckons would be right at home in 'Leon' or Larry Clark's 'Kids'. Currently inspired by "the great outdoors - wild camping trips, fishing vests, the Deep South, Creole music and Geoffrey Beene," we can't wait to check out her spring/summer 15 collection. Until then, here are 10 things you should know about Danielle Romeril…

1. She loves Ireland. Mostly because... 
"You're never too far from the sea, a pub, or a mate!"

2. Having studied in Limerick, her and her team have a talent for them, coming up with the following exclusively for i-D…
"A canny young seamstress our Dani, she sure knows her bum from her fanny. You could put her in space and she wouldn't lose pace, she'd come home with a rock for her Granny!" 

3. As a child, she didn't know what she wanted to be when she grew up...
"My uncle always told me that I would turn into a boy on my seventh birthday, so I was focused on avoiding that."

4. She once briefly went by the name 'Rainbow Bright'.
"I was about 15 in the late 90s rave days and off we headed to our first dance festival (I think it was Homelands). I wore a pleather boob tube, wrist cuffs and arm bands (a la Whitney in the It's Not Right, But It's Ok video), a neon coloured skirt and furry cowprint knee-high boots. We were the only people dressed up and I was dubbed 'Rainbow Bright' by strangers! There was a picture of me in the Irish News of the World and I think my grandad saw it."

5. Teach her to skate and she'll pay you in clothes.
"I'm hoping to get my first skateboard for my fast approaching birthday. I'll swap clothes for lessons!"

6. Her dreamgirl is Grimes.
"I love her attitude and how she puts looks together. I love the work of stylist Natalie Joos and Teen Vogue's Gloria Baume. They have a great personal style as well and would love to see them wearing my designs! Also Patti Smith, P.J. Harvey, basically any fierce talented, unique women." 

7. A Danielle Romeril girl always dances at parties.
"She dances to Caribou, Fleetwood Mac, Disclosure, TLC, Destiny's Child, Mount Kimbie, Bruce Springsteen, Jaguar Ma... this list could go on." 

8. She knows what she's talking about when it comes to degrees in the creative industry…
"The piece of paper doesn't matter, but the years figuring out who you are and what you want to do next are crucial." 

9. Textures are important to Danielle.
"My favourite textures are the back of boys' heads after they've just had a haircut, lacquered wood and the fluffy fur of my dad's dog, Arthur."

10. Her favourite emojis are the thumbs up and winky face.
"They're like the white T and jeans of the emoji world- good for any occasion."



Text Francesca Dunn

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