join jay boogie for a sexy night in nyc via his new video

Dip into the Brooklyn rapper's fantasy world where black male masculinity isn’t a fixed construct.

by Frankie Dunn
20 September 2016, 3:25pm

"I wanted to create a fantasy world where black male masculinity wasn't a fixed construct," explains Stephen Isaac-Wilson, director of Jay Boogie's brilliantly on point new video for Body Principles. Slow sensual shots of Jay under a pink glow on a New York hotel bed epitomise exactly that. "Please take your time while you touch me," he sings before flashes of lashes, nails and diamond earrings highlight the confident and honest celebration of his masculine/feminine sexuality. Cue some great street shots and surely the hottest scenes the bodega (and that bottle of Perrier) has ever seen. Undeniably hot. Take an exclusive look and get to know the artist with these 10 things you need to know about Jay Boogie...

1. If he wasn't a rapper he'd be a witch doctor…
"I already am. I think people need to believe more in spirituality and a little less in practicality. Spirits are responsible for energies, vibes and auras. All things we can't live without."

2. When I was younger he was quite involved in the vogue scene.
"My first category ever was Butch Queen Up In Drags Runway."

3. He grew up to a soundtrack of artists that pushed boundaries.
"People like Busta Rhymes, Toni Braxton, La Lupe, Fefita La Grande and Missy Elliot."

4. From 4th grade to 10th grade, he lived in the Dominican Republic.
"So I'm basically fresh off the boat!"

5. Foxy taught him.
"Foxy was one of the people I set out to impress in the world after my biological mother. She gave me my blessings and since then she's been rooting for me and blessing me with opportunities that I only dream of. She's really taught me that saying no and feeling yourself is totally normal, that you've already done your job by sharing your thoughts and gift with the world."

6. Can I tell y'all one more time? His favourite song of all time is…
Marvin Sapp, The Best In Me

7. He fell in love with Peckham last year when visiting London.
"It's like Flatbush. Full of fresh produce, black owned business, and hard working brown people."

8. Rap became a natural channel for his frustration and retaliation towards haters.
"Being frustrated and ostracised for being effeminate lead me to raise my voice and resurface as an adult with a message rather than retaliating. In other words like Cookie Lyons said "I wanna show you a faggot can run this company."

9. His body is a temple.
"Every movement is an exercise, it just depends how much you exercise or choose to treat a muscle. So I basically have taken the time out to see what my body is capable of enduring."

10. He has delicious-sounding habits.
"My favourite snack is a banana with peanut butter smothered in honey. Its actually a really bad addiction."


Text Frankie Dunn
Photography Campbell Addy
Styling Jonathan Johnson
Hair Virginie Moreira
Make Up Ayeesha Curmoula

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