good news: the strokes are back

The seminal 2000s band have returned, and they sound exactly like you hoped.

by Wendy Syfret
27 May 2016, 9:47am

The wait is over: The Strokes have finally released a new EP. After lead singer Julian Casablancas premiered the first track Oblivius on his new Sirius XMU radio show yesterday,  Future Present Past is now available to stream via Casablancas' label Cult Records. You can buy it for yourself on 3 June.

The EP includes three tracks - Drag Queen, Oblivius, Threat of Joy and drummer Fabrizio Moretti's remix of Oblivius. From what we can hear the guys are returning to the hazy vocals and entwined guitars that won them scores of fans a decade ago. In their later albums they drifted away from their usual tropes to experiment with synth and even funk. But this new material appears to favour the original approach that soundtracked so much teenage angst.

Future Present Past was produced by Gus Oberg and recorded in Austin, Texas and New York. Its release marks the beginning of a couple of big weeks for the band: they're launching a pop-up shop in New York City from 30 May to 5 June and playing the Governors Ball. Now, obviously, attentions are turned to the possibility of an upcoming album. When BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac asked Casablancas about the chances of seeing a sixth LP he gave the very on-brand answer of, "if the collective-will could be summoned and caroused". They might need a bit of prompting, but the fans are clearly ready to return in force—the response to the tracks online has been overwhelmingly positive.

Not that the lead singer is really listening, in that same interview he continued: "I'm in a bubble. I don't know, I try not to pay attention. I worked on it and it's done. I don't, like, check the internet or anything." Sadly it doesn't look like a tour is on the cards just yet, although he teased: "I think the idea was if we can get our stuff together to do a record, we can do more proper tours." But while you will have to wait to check them out IRL, you can get reacquainted with them through their recent return to YouTube. 


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Image via Cult Records