ukranian designer yulia yefimtchuk shows us a brave new world

We spoke to Yulia to find out about her fall/winter 16 collection, which fuses Soviet iconography with modern sensibility and a strong belief in the next generation.

by i-D Staff and Alexandra Bondi de Antoni
06 May 2016, 5:40pm

With a backdrop of deep political instability that has led to ongoing violence, it might be surprising to encounter the bold positivity of the young Kiev-based fashion designer Yulia Yefimtchuk. But the way she sees it, Ukraine — and the rest of the world for that matter — is poised to push forward and create something better, kinder, more peaceful.

The central message of your new collection is "we build a new world." What was the trigger for this? 
"New world" is about the future, a new life system where I personally would like to see more kindness and respect.

You reference the evolution of attitudes between 20th and 21st centuries. Can you explain a bit more about that?
Each new generation builds a new world order. The new world of the 20th century was a world of money, power and status, expressed materially. I hope that the new world of the 21st century will lead people to more important aspects of life — love, harmony, intellectual development and conscious work.

How is this new generation manifesting itself in Ukraine?
The new generation in Ukraine enjoys more freedom and self expression, but it is still discovering itself.

How does fashion fit into this new world?
Fashion is striving to express the new idea, which is not yet widely accepted. It is searching for new formulas.

There is a real appetite for fashion from Eastern European designers right now. What do you think is driving that?
For a long time Eastern Europe has been isolated. Now a new generation is willing to be cosmopolitan but still has the background of the Soviet Union. Possibly it's because designers from this part of the world are interesting due to their eclectic style.

Did you design this collection with a particular sort of person in mind?
I'm not keen on creating an ideal image of a person, it's more interesting when your clothes are understood by different generations.



Text Alexandra Bondi de Antoni 
Photography Raffaele Cariou
Styling and Casting Erik Raynal
Hair Yuji Okuda / Agence Saint Germain
Models: Ekaterina Ozhiganova / RockMen, Nele Maria Ruckelshausen und Celestin / RockMen

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