matthew mcconaughey looks sensational in the trailer for ‘the beach bum’

‘Man, he look like shit.’

by Jack Sunnucks
23 January 2019, 10:37pm

Poster courtesy of Neon

Remember when those wild pictures of Matthew McConaughey were in circulation? The ones where he looks like a cross between He-Man and a novelty bong you bought in Florida (or just like he was head-to-toe in Balenciaga)? Turned his divine transformation was the work of none other than Harmony Korine, and we now have the trailer to serve as evidence. The Beach Bum follows McConaughey in the role of Moondog, the aforementioned bum of the beach, “a rebellious burnout who only knows how to live life by his own rules.” Consider me sold. McConaughey seems to spend the entirety of the film clad in matching Hawaiian print shirts and shorts, with flip up sunglasses, and at one point, a thong. Thongs — consider them back as of right now. The film also stars Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher, and Snoop Dogg, and you can also catch a glimpse of Zac Efron, hopefully at the start of an illustrious art cinema career. There’s also a coke addicted parrot and Jimmy Buffet. The film, from Vice Studios and Neon, is out on March 22.

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