watch these comedy shorts by carrie brownstein and st vincent

To save time, St. Vincent is answering all your FAQs on Instagram.

by Isabelle Hellyer
05 September 2017, 8:04am

St. Vincent has shared a series of comedy shorts created with Carrie Brownstein that see her answer all the repetitive questions she's faced with on press rounds. The clips, posted to the artist's Instagram, should give journalists and fans alike a very clear idea of what St. Vincent is a little tired of getting asked.

The queries range from the uninspired ("What have you been reading lately?") to the downright sexist ("What's it like to play a show in heels?"). All of the artist's answers, written by Brownstein, are delivered with the same delightful dryness. "You become a factory worker," St Vincent said of publicity rounds last month in conversation with the New Yorker. "When you have to say something over and over, there's a festering self-loathing. No better way to feel like a fraud."

There's another film to come, Clark teased in her New Yorker interview; this time a parody press conference. "In this version," the New Yorker's Nick Paumgarten writes, "in reply to the woman-in-music question she performs a 'Basic Instinct' uncrossing of her legs, as the camera zooms in on her crotch, accompanied by the echo of a drop of water in a cave."

You can watch some of the faux St. Vincent interviews below, and find all the clips here.

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