netflix's new teen zombie apocalypse show looks really good

Watch the trailer for ‘Daybreak,’ which has all your typical high school drama and plenty of gore.

by Nicole DeMarco
08 October 2019, 8:12pm

Photo courtesy of Ursula Coyote/Netflix.

As the seasons change and the crisp fall air begins to set in, we find ourselves looking for the next tv series to binge. We suggest getting cozy and flipping on Netflix’s new original series Daybreak, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic teen-run Glendale, California.

The show is certainly Walking Dead-esque, but it’s also a comedy. And while the palm trees may have survived, all of the adults have turned into zombies called “ghoulies.” Without their parents to keep them in line, teenagers are left to their own devices and forced to make their own rules. There’s plenty of newfound freedom, but it appears there’s plenty of trouble to get into too.

The trailer follows Josh (Colin Ford), who goes on a sword-wielding mission to find his girlfriend Sam who’s gone missing in all the madness. He and his friends have to get creative if they want to survive not only the ghoulies, but the high school social castes that still remain — as jocks, nerds, and cheerleaders have seemingly all banded together in their chosen families. The rivalries are more intense than ever. “So what’s life like in the apocalypse?” Sam asks. “It’s never what you’d expect?”

The show, which also stars Alyvia Alyn Lind, Austin Crute, Sophie Simnett, and Chelsea Zhang, premieres on Netflix on October 24.

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