Photography Mitchell Sams

area took us back to high school

The NYC brand created our dream school uniform for spring/summer 18: sequined pantsuits.

by André-Naquian Wheeler
10 September 2017, 10:27pm

Photography Mitchell Sams

The venue: The show took place on the rooftop of The New Design High School on the LES. To reach the amazing view, guests walked through the school's hallways — which were decorated with real flyers for an after school feminist club. Looks like the students at The New Design are woke.

What we texted our friends:
"Walking through this high school is bringing up memories of getting detention."
"I've found my next vacay look: A military hat, a fluorescent floral wrap dress, and Foxy Brown hoop earrings."
"Is it just me or does the hair look like Cynthia's from Rugrats?"

On the speakers: The perfect artist to listen to while beachopping in these sundresses, of course: Sade.

Look we want now: The purple glittered-out slip dress with pink strawberries embroidered on it.

Best Instagram:

It will be remembered as: The realization of our homeroom daydreams.

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