go down the pub with bruta

It is the weirdest and most wonderful pub in the world.

Tish Weinstock

For their autumn/winter 17 campaign video, Bruta took us down the pub. No, not the kind of Friday afternoon pot-bellied, builders-bum style beer garden piss up pub. This is the kind of pub you might find in Diagon Alley, if, that is you were a witch, wizard or indeed house elf and lived in the mind of JK Rowling.

The film follows a young man's surreal afternoon at the pub filled with wandering nude beauties, pipe-smoking bohemian artists, card-wielding schoolgirls tied together by their braided red hair, harp-playing OAPs, chess-playing bikers, beer-sipping cowboys and a full on medieval banquet. It culminates in him meeting the girl of his dreams. Incidentally they're both wearing Bruta, the wonderfully English, totally charming brainchild of Arthur Yates.

Launched in 2015, Bruta has become known for their shirts, beautifully embroidered shirts with whimsical hand drawn designs. "I really wanted to make something that stood out from typical fashion films," the film's director Phoebe Saatchi explains. "The idea was to take something mundane like you local pub, and turn it into something more interesting. Film is such a great way to express both Arthur and I's vision of the brand, without having to confine to reality!" Weird, wonderful, and intrinsically Bruta, it's like no other film we've seen before. Now, anyone for a pint?


Text Tish Weinstock