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by Felix Petty
04 May 2017, 9:50am

Play of the week: Angels in America
A new staging of the classic AIDS-era America play is coming to the National Theatre, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Andrew Garfield and Russell Tovey take starring turns in the Tony Kushner-written, multiple award-winning drama in two parts. Which yes, means you have to buy two separate tickets to see the whole thing. But yes, it is a great play, and will undoubtedly be amazing, and you should really get out and do more cultural things like going to the theatre. Except it's already sold out, so you will have to watch the film version, again, in bed, eating takeaway, in your pyjamas.

Film of the week: Mindhorn
Mindhorn is the story of a washed up actor who played a TV detective in the 80s. An escaped criminal believes the TV detective to be real. So the washed up actor must pretend to be the TV detective again in order to catch him. Have only seen the trailer so far, but it looks funny.

Fashion and art collaboration of the week: Supreme x MC Escher
MC Escher is actually very dead. So I don't think he actually had much creative input into this collaboration with much-loved collaborationphiles Supreme. More of an inspiration, maybe? Spiritual guide? Perhaps. Either way, Supreme have turned Escher's visual tricks, impossible objects and optical illusions not into a collection of jumpers where the hands shake themselves, or trousers that walk both ways, but a series of clothes that utilise his prints.

Unexpected art news of the week: German terrorist plots to assassinate art collective and blame it on refugees
We've all maybe, slightly, just a little, daydreamed about wiping out another pretentious art collective. It's usually just a passing thought though. Not so for this German right wing terrorist, who was actually planning to assassinate art collective ZPS; a controversial group of artists who've engaged in actions like reburying the dead bodies of migrants. Franco A, as the terrorist has been named, claimed to be a refugee, gained asylum in Germany, and plotted to take out a series of targets, including politicians. Franco A was actually a 28-year-old lieutenant in the German army.

Cookbook of the week: The Plagiarist in the Kitchen by Jonathan Meades 
Is there anyone better than Jonathan Meades? Anything he can't do? Food writer, broadcaster, director, architectural critic, documentarian, author, essayist. As the old cliche goes, his docs are worth paying the BBC license fee for. But if you want to shell out some hard earned dough for a lil more Meades, well he's just released a cookbook. It's good. It's funny, witty, beautifully original and of course, full of recipes.

Photobook of the week: Exist to Resist
An absolute top one, nice one, get sorted of a photobook this week, Exist to Resist is a massive document of the late 80s to mid 90s rave scene in all its hedonistic, political, mud splattered, dreadlocked glory. You can read an interview with photographer Matthew Smith here, on this link.


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