slumber session: soft minimal soundscapes from JFDR

Björk approved multi-instrumentalist Jófríður Ákadóttir takes us on a spiritual journey.

by i-D Staff
15 February 2017, 12:40pm

Jófríður Ákadóttir is 22 and has already had a career spanning two decades. Releasing music since she was 14 (!) years old, the Icelandic multi-instrumentalist first appeared alongside her twin sister Ásthildur as part of lo-fi folksters Pascal Pinon, had a stint as vocalist of the very good electronic trio Samaris, created dark and beautiful Icelandic supergroup Gangly along with Sindri Már Sigfússon of SinFang and Úlfur of Oyama and, as of last year, embarked on a Björk-approved solo project as JFDK. Blimey! We were still writing 80085 on calculators at that age. Combining minimal soundscapes with the rich imagery of her words, JFDR is a properly prolific talent - little wonder legendary multi-instrumentalist Shahzed Ismaily (Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Yoko Ono etc) agreed to work on her debut solo record, Brazil. With that out next month, we thought what better time for a Slumber Session that takes in Lou Reed, a Britney Spears cover and a nice dose of Tatu Rönkkö? No better time, readers. No better time at all.

Hello JFDR. What's this mix all about then?
Oh, hi i-D. Um. This mix is about... I think the mix is trying to just fully encounter whatever you're feeling without judging it and without trying to narrate it and reduce it into something that makes sense. A kind of spiritual journey exploring sadness, happiness, relief and yourself in this very moment.

Which album changed your life?
So many. There's inspiration in everything. Inspiration is dependent on the receiver and how receptive your antenna is. It has nothing to do with the outside world. That's a secondary element of creativity. The same with love and music you love. You are... Whoa, it's just Lou Reed in my right now. You think that you love because of something else but it's all yourself. The other thing is just the trigger.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained a new ability, what would it be?
Forgiveness. I would want the ability to forgive instantly whenever I wanted to forgive people.

Your house is on fire. After loved ones, what do you save?
Maybe hard drives? That's a boring answer. I don't have a lot of things in my life. However, if I can leave something in there to burn, I want to let go of my ideas of relationships and romance. I want to learn all of that again. That's my answer.

If it weren't for music what else would you be doing?
I would exercise more. It makes human beings happier, pushing our bodies to grow. It's just about using yourself up. Testing your limits. Using what you're given. And that goes for mind, spirit, and body.

Do you ever fall asleep to music? If so, what?
Yeah I've done it when I was stressed out. I used to listen to Talk Talk or Brian Eno.

If you could ask anyone a question, who would you ask, and what?
What is, like, a great mystery? I think I would try and solve a great mystery. I would try and ask Mona Lisa what she was smiling about. Or something like that.

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