slumber session: lapalux

Terminally chill tunes from the FlyLo favourite.

Matthew Whitehouse

British producer Stuart Howard, aka Lapalux, makes discordant drones to drown to. Pitched down palettes to pause to. Angelic abstractions to alliterate to. He does it on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder Label -- former home of the similarly experimental Azizi Gibson -- collaborating with Björk approved Icelander JFDR and picking up big support from Mixmag, Rinse and FlyLo himself in the process.

For latest and thirdest album, Ruinism, Big Stu recorded using entirely irl instruments for the first time ever, breaking down the sounds and then re-salvaging them like some sort of musical Albert Steptoe. "'Ruinism' is a made-up term," he explained via email. "I use it to describe the way in which blended sound palettes and inspirations interact with one another to form this album."

And the blending doesn't stop there. Inspired by the concept of hypnagogia -- that weird stage between awake and asleep -- StuHo was the perfect collaborator for i-D's latest Slumber Session, knocking together "an eclectic mix of mostly experimental, drowsy tunes". Lapalux may sound like a brand of roof window, but he's alright by us. Press play below.

Ruinism is out now on Brainfeeder.


Text Matthew Whitehouse
Photography Ozge Cone