i-DJ: dubspeeka

The illusive Bristol-based bad boy goes into the mix.

by i-D Staff
16 May 2016, 11:55am

Darren Beale is the seemingly illusive Bristol based producer, Dubspeeka. There are few producers whose rise up in the techno game has been so impressive. The past few years has seen the producer establish himself in the world of techno music after years in the game as member of the electronic music group Kosheen and producing drum and bass under various aliases.

Laying down a string of releases for labels such as Skeleton, Truesoul, Last Night On Earth, Dext and Drumcode, Dubspeeka makes his return to Adam Beyer's imprint with the impeccable Unfriended EP following on from 2015's Primary EP. Dark and heavy, with broody atmospheres and synth arrangements, coupled with ferocious kick drums, the sound is a harmonious combination of sound aesthetics, propelling the producer towards the top of the techno food chain.

Now we welcome the man himself into the mix for i-D with his debut i-DJ. Giving us a calm hour before the storm, Dubseepka explains, "This mix is often the way I start my sets, it's a nice foundation to build on before I go a bit darker." Delve into 60 minutes of techno as we find out what tracks Dubspeeka is playing most at the moment, what his favourite party anthem of all time is and where he heads when the lights turn on. 

What are the top three tracks getting heavy rotation in your sets?
Desta Cullen, 1Below [Skeleton]
Scuba, All I Think About Is Death (Radio Slave remix) - [Hotflush]
Steve Rachmad, Disturbance - [Drumcode Ltd]

What's the most hedonistic party you've ever been to?
Bedlam soundsystem free party under the flyover in Bristol, messy towards the end though!

What's the most phenomenal clubbing venue in the world and why?
Berghain, the sound, venue and atmosphere is unique. A special place!

If you could go back to back with any DJ, at any venue, who would it be and why?
Terminator X, so I could play an old skool hip hop set. Change things up a bit!

History is made at night... What was the best night of your life?
Massive Attack live at Glastonbury, it was the first time I caught them live and they created the most amazing atmosphere. Totally in the zone.

What's the most debauched thing you've ever seen on the dance floor?
Someone being sick on someone else, it was disgusting!

What would your dream rider consist of?
Xone mixer, space and water.

What's your favourite party anthem of all time?
Hardfloor, Acperience1. The all time acid monster .

What producer are you predicting big things from this year?
Paleman. Love his productions, something different and refreshing.

Where do you go when the record ends and the lights come on?
Afterparty or hotel or straight to the airport. Hate the last one :(

What track would you end the night on when everyone's still awake and its time to go to sleep?
Levon Vincent, Launch Ramp To The Sky, I often try and creep this track into my set anyway, a classic for me.

Finish the sentence, the music sounds better with...

1. OK (feat Elif Bicer) - Ben Klock
2. All I Think Is Death (Radio Slave remix) - Scuba
3. K130 - dubspeeka
4. Dont Fail Me Now (dubspeeka remix) - Him_Self_Her
5. Echo - Unknown
6. Circles - Anja Schneider
7. Haitian - Acc
8. Souldancer - Ray Kajioka remix
9. 7even - Ryan James Ford
10. Distance - Rod
11. Spark - Unknown
12. Louba - Petrichor

Dubspeeka's Unfriended EP is out 16th May via Drumcode.

Adam Beyer