stef mitchell’s powerful portraits of marchers taking washington

Storming the streets, scrambling up walls and trees, and chanting til we lost our voices, peaceful protesters reclaimed Washington on Saturday. Photographer Stef Mitchell captures the young faces of a new resistance movement.

by i-D Staff
24 January 2017, 4:50pm

Over 500,000 people put their bodies where their beliefs were this weekend, on Donald Trump's doorstep. We came out in full force, declaring our resistance to a new regime's hate-fueled policies by our very presence (to be there, some of us had driven through the night or woken up at 3am or hitched rides and camped out on friends' floors). And beyond simply being this many-colored, many-gendered crowd of all ages and nationalities on the lawn of a frightening new White House, we sent messages with our signs and clothes. A leather jacket scrawled with "ANGRY PUSSY," a boy with an afro blasting music and quoting James Brown ("This is a man's world, but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl"), a baseball cap embroidered "DYKE," and a simple "Fuck Trump" pin worn by a girl who looked too young to vote. It was, as one sign read, a moment about "protecting what you love."


Photography Stef Mitchell

women's march
stef mitchell