new yorkers on why they're voting today

Polling centers are as ubiquitous as babies in "The Future is Female" onesies on Instagram. So take a cue from these young creatives and go vote today!

by Eric Chakeen
08 November 2016, 11:35am

"I can't vote but if I could I'd vote to avoid Brexit round two. That happened partly because young people were too apathetic and didn't realize the power of their political voice. Every vote counts." -Georgia Graham

"I'm voting today because this is one of the most important elections I will experience in my lifetime. We cannot allow our country to be run as a reality TV show and undo all of the social advancements that have been made for women and people of color that one of the candidates would like to destroy. We have come too far to let such archaic ideals take root again. I hope our country does the intelligent thing and elects a person who has experience, even though there are flaws, and not destroy the choice for women to own their own bodies, for queer, gay and non-binary people access to their human and equal rights, and choose not to support and champion racism and antiquated patriarchal values and ideals." -Honey Dijon

"I'm voting today because it is my responsibility as an activist to enthusiastically participate in all forums that engage in democratic political change." -JD Samson

"I'm voting today because it matters." -Michael Bailey Gates

"I can't vote today because I'm Canadian. So I really really need you to. I'm asking on behalf of me and also my ovaries." -Aurora James

"I am voting today because it is my right and responsibility to take part in helping direct of our country." - Lucas Goodman, Lion Babe

"I'm voting today because I love a narrative with a strong female lead. I'm with her!" -Ian Bradley

"I'm voting today because I really don't want a xenophobic, racist, misogynist half wit running and representing America." -Cassie Goodman

"I actually voted last week! Because I'm ready to elect the first female president!" -Chloe Wise

"I'm voting today because the future of the world as we know it is hanging precariously over the abyss." -Gabe Rodriguez

"I'm voting today because I think it is important to practice civic responsibility." -Ian Darin

"I'm voting today because I deeply care about our freedom as Americans. I want to continue to love my country." -Olivia Bee

"I'm voting today because it's my civic duty and moral responsibility." -Ondine Vinao

"I am voting today for the future." -Susannah Liguori

If you're not sure where your polling center is check Headcount


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