kim kardashian won the first ‘break the internet’ award

No matter your opinion of the reality queen, there is no denying her use of the Internet has totally changed celebrity culture.

by Wendy Syfret
12 May 2016, 3:25am

Image via Instagram

The Kardashian-West household are collecting Webby awards like normal people collect takeaway menus. A week after husband Kanye took home his own prize for "contributions to internet culture" Kim has stepped up and been recognised for "breaking the Internet."

It's hard to definitively say what specific moment they're referring too. While her 2014 appearance on the cover of Paper turned a millennial phrase into mainstream shorthand, she's hardly rested on her online laurels since. The awards—overseen by the International Academy of the Digital Arts & Sciences— recognised Kim for her ongoing ability to use the Internet as a publicity tool. In a statement they said, "It would be difficult to underestimate the importance of Kim Kardashian West's impact on the Internet."

While her critics limit her achievements to inaugurating a new kind of omnipresent digital celebrity, the reality star's positive influence shouldn't be undersold. Other than championing wearing your coat as a cape, she's used her fame to start big conversations in accessible ways.

Earlier this year, Kim's naked selfie sparked a global debate about the way we police and judge women's bodies online. When she was widely trolled for it, she publicly called bullshit on those who were happy to bask in her fame when it suited them, and mock her when it didn't.

When she and Emily Ratajkowski staged a topless, flipping the bird, follow up, we knew Kim wasn't here to play. Whatever you think of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, there is no denying that they've totally redefined the way women control their own narratives online. Some could argue their Instagram and Snapchat game approaches Warhol levels of boundary-pushing performance art.

Kim has certainly suffered for being a trailblazer: anyone who has ever read the comments on her social media would know how brutal people can be. At least now she can glance over at her Webby and know that for better or worse, the internet loves her.


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