premiere: l.a. duo classixx shares a trio of bedroom videos

Watch a fresh batch of visuals from Michael David and Tyler Blake's standout sophomore album ‘Faraway Reach.’

by Emily Manning
25 April 2017, 2:25pm

image courtesy of innovative leisure

For the past two weekends, Classixx has been partying in the California desert for Coachella. But Tyler Blake and Michael David's newest music videos — premiering today on i-D — don't have any sun-drenched scenes of the Indio Valley. In fact, the trio of visuals takes place exclusively inside a dark bedroom.

Illuminated only by a wall of television screens glowing with trippy static — and a soft pink light in the background — a mysterious girl lounges and gazes at her iPhone. Directed by Tyler's brother Jordan Blake, this seriously chill "Bedroom Series" pairs perfectly with Faraway Reach's blissed-out, tropical house sounds.

"For this video series, the guys and I wanted to create a space for this music to exist in, as well as show off some of the great animations Steve Smith made for the Classixx live show," Jordan explains. "It's a simple concept, but I think we built a cool world that fits with each song, and gives you a little something to sink into as you listen to the music."

The videos accompany three songs on the duo's sophomore album, released back in May via L.A.'s Innovative Leisure. "A Mountain With No Ending" — the breezy, bright track which closes the record — is the first video in the Bedroom Series. It features vocals from Panama, who contributes an evocative, Bon Iver-esque harmony to the tune's laid-back tempos. This video is followed by another, for the record's title track. Slightly more glitchy, "Faraway Reach" blends the fresh, bouncy beats we've come to expect from Classixx with nostalgic streaks of 80s color. The series wraps with "Safe Inside," a song assisted by Passion Pit (apparent from the earliest notes of frontman Michael Angelakos's signature lilting vocal). The Massachusetts-bred electro-indie outfit is among Faraway Reach's enviable roster of collaborators, which also includes How to Dress Well and T-Pain.

"In each song there are lyrics that lend themselves to the concept of the videos; an individual in a solitary space. However, each song gives the space a different meaning," says Classixx's Tyler Blake. "On 'Safe Inside,' the room is given the sense of sanctuary, free from the distraction of the outside world. On 'Eyes On Me' we're taken into a more voyeuristic setting. On 'A Mountain With No Ending' lines like 'when you are gone this house is a ghost' evoke a feeling of loneliness and longing for someone else to escape the confines of solitude."

Whether you're winding down after wild Coachella festivities, or just coming off an excellent weekend, press play on this bedroom-ready series now. 


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Image courtesy of Innovative Leisure

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