liam gallagher calls son wearing blur t-shirt on cover a ‘fashion mistake’

Watch the Britpop legend respond to a series of images including one of Lennon endorsing the rival band.

by Briony Wright
29 May 2017, 5:35am

While the long-running and endlessly fascinating Britpop rivalry between Oasis and Blur, or specifically between Liam Gallagher and Damon Albarn, shows little sign of abating, things became even more complicated earlier this month when Lennon Gallagher wore a Blur t-shirt for a feature cover shoot. At the time Lennon's little brother hilariously declared on Twitter that, 'Someone's getting a smack' but Liam Gallagher remained silent (and presumably furious) on the subject until a recent interview with NME in which he was asked directly about the incident. 

While his recent Tweets seem to confirm an ongoing rift between the musicians, Liam was relatively easy on his son in regards to his controversial wardrobe choice for the cover of Buffalo Zine

In the live interview with NME, Liam's response when asked about his initial reaction to the offending photo is equal parts funny and adorably defensive. He quipped, "Good-looking kid, takes after his dad. Everyone makes fashion mistakes, and I'm sure that's his first one. He didn't say anything. He didn't tell me. My other kid told me. He said 'dad, what the fuck's all this about?' I said 'I dunno, fashion for you, innit?' Could be worse though."

All this comes as Liam prepares for a solo tour in the UK ahead of his new album, As You Were, due in October. We can only imagine all this drama isn't bad for business.


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