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With the launch of the Female Gaze Issue, we've asked some of our favourite girls to capture their friends. Here Chloe Nour shoots the women who inspire her in Sydney.

by i-D Staff
06 September 2016, 2:21am

Photography Chloe Nour

What are you wearing?
My mum's Fila jacket, Marfa journal tee, Louis Vuitton jeans and creepers!

How would your girlfriends describe you?
I'd hope that they would say I'm kind and loving, but the first thing would probably be how annoyingly rational and critical I am.

Describe your dream dinner party?
Pipilotti Rist, Anjelica Huston, Vivienne Westwood and Joan Hornsby (my grandma). She would definitely bring an unusual energy to the room, as well as three packs of cigarettes and a two-layered tin of biscuits.

Who are the women inspiring you right now?
At the moment I find the work of Barbara Kruger really interesting, and more specifically her recent iPhone prints and her artist ads in Dazed from 1996. They are more relevant in today's world of social media than ever before which is exciting. Locally, I really admire musician and performance artist Rainbow Chan, sculptor Hilarie Mais, and my best friend Lily who runs China Girl.

Favourite female film character?
Trinity from the Matrix and Bridget Jones.

Favourite woman in historyMy mum. She's a super power lady. 


Photography Chloe Nour

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