meet the teens shaping underground parisian culture

With their zipped-up casualism and heritage-heavy looks, Converse presents Angelina Woreth and Clément Mbath: the newest generation of teens to leave their mark on the French capital.

by Virtue Worldwide
09 September 2016, 2:15am

Angelina wears leather jacket, Alyx; bra, American Apparel; jeans, Levi's Vintage; shoes (worn throughout), Converse One Star.

Meet Angelina Woreth and Clément Mbath. Heralded as the newest gen of teens to leave their heart-shaped double tap on underground Parisian culture, the pair might have been born in the 00s, but their Instagram-lauded looks were, make no mistake, made in the 90s: Clément all zipped-up skate-casualism, Angelina effortless in très basics; a look that's part Pulp Fiction's Mia Wallace, part classic Parisienne (or Françoise Dorléac as directed by Tim Burton).

Representative of a city enjoying its resurgent fashion moment, these teenage influencers may be young but they certainly know their heritage: Angelina - a sometime model, DJ and former i-D France intern, no less - has an Insta littered with pop culture refs from The Simple Life to Leo in What's Eating Gilbert Grape; while Clément's chunky knuckleduster and grill give more than a nod to the antihero fashion of Mathieu Kassovitz's 1995 La Haine (currently enjoying its time in the twenty-year nostalgia cycle sweet spot).

One of a number of other classics currently enjoying this '90s sweet spot is the Converse One Star. An unpretentious alternative to the era's more faddy sneakers, the One Star found a natural fit in slacker stylings of the grunge scene - plaid-clad Kurt Cobain was a fan, as was vegan James Dean, River Phoenix - becoming a mark of authenticity that spread well beyond music and into the notoriously discerning world of skate (see Girl Skateboards' 1996 Spike Jonze directed video Mouse). And that mark still rings true today, finding its feet on the, well, feet of Paris' latest, creative cool kids. 

Clement wears bomber jacket, Faith Connexion; zipped jacket, Palm Angels; pants; American Apparel; Beanie, vintage.

Angelina wears bra, American Apparel; jewellery, own. Clement wears zipped jacket, Sankuanz; t-shirt, Etudes Studio. 

Top, Alyx; jeans, Levi's vintage; all other pieces, vintage items from Kiloshop.

Angelina wears top, Julien David; jeans, Levi's Vintage; silver jacket, Maison Margiela.

Angelina wears cap, stylist's own; silver jacket, Maison Margiela.

Angelina wears jacket, Courreges; bra, American Apparel; jeans, Levi's Vintage. Clement wears leather Jacket, Acne Studios; zipped jacket and pants, Sankuanz. 

Clement wears green Jacket, Etudes Studio; cream zipped jacket, Sankuanz; t-shirt, Etudes Studio.

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Photographer Andi Galdi Vinko
Stylist Simon Pylyser
Location Kiloshop, 69 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris, France
Hair Alexandre Charles from John Nollet
Make-up Nassera Boutayeb from John Nollet

angelina woreth
clément mbath