in 'just breathe', petite noir drops a black and white dream

The sound of African new wave goes global in the final single from his debut album.

by Courtney DeWitt
29 September 2016, 5:28am

The pioneer of 'noir wave', Petite Noir, aka Yannick Ilunga has just dropped the final video from his debut album, La Vie Est Belle / Life is Beautiful.

In the black and white visuals for Just Breathe Petite Noir takes us on a cross country visual trip with his on and off screen queen, Drone Goddess. Directed by Modu Sesay with creative direction from leading lady, Rharha Nembhard, the video features footage from the Cape Town native's electric live shows juxtaposed with a sly nod to Godard's romantic crime masterpiece, Breathless. Ilunga told i-D, "The video was shot across Madeira, France, South Africa and Portugal. It showcases the end of a journey and at the same time takes you through a journey. The end and beginning of a new chapter."

Watch the Just Breathe video below and read our feature interview with Petite Noir here


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