alternity wear: maternity clothes for genderqueer parents

Butchbaby & Co is the label set to make maternity wear more inclusive.

by i-D Staff
20 April 2015, 2:40am

Butch Baby

Vanessa Newman and Michelle Janayea are making maternity wear that isn't, well, maternity wear. They're calling it Alternity wear, because it's just that: an alternative to the hyper-feminine options currently presented to expectant parents. Butchbaby & Co., the pair's label, will provide androgynous, inclusive clothing for pregnant 'masculine, trans and queer individuals'.

Newman and Janayea believe that 'pregnancy belongs to all those who can carry a child; regardless of sexual orientation or gender presentation' and that every one of these individuals deserves to dress-and feel-like themselves throughout their pregnancy. But it's not just about maternity wear. It's about changing perceptions of what pregnancy looks like.

The line is due in spring, but you can keep up with Butchbaby & Co., here.

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