ever wished for a mø fanzine? walk this way...

'Being able to express urself is the most wonderful gift you can own, no one can ever take that away from u.'

by Francesca Dunn
22 June 2016, 11:46pm

Last seen suspended above the LA desert, Karen Marie Ørsted has come back down to earth and collaborated with fans to create her own zine, Empty Billboards And Overloaded Minds. Featuring collages, poems and photographs submitted by her friends and fans across the globe, as well as her own illustrations done during her zine-obsessed teenage punk years, the project aims to keep the cut and paste world alive in a time of click and like. 

Released today and co-edited by the singer herself, check out Empty Billboards And Overloaded Minds below, and try to score a rare print copy for free at her shows or via super fans worldwide. XXX88

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empty billboards and overloaded minds.