the a-z of internet fashion

The internet has revolutionised the way we consume fashion and it can be a scarily huge place to find yourself but don't worry, we're here with the A-Z of everything you didn't know about the cyberspace of clothes.

by i-D Team
17 March 2015, 12:50am

Last month YouTube celebrated its 10th birthday. That probably means a good five years of your life has been wasted watching fans crying over Britney's Twitter trolls, brilliant Ke$ha parodies and 10 hours of Nyan Cat - which has over 39 million views, and amounts to over 4000 collective years wasted (or spent high). Despite the plethora of random (great) shit available, YouTube, and the internet in general, really has changed the way the fashion industry works. From the rise of the it-model, to Derek and Hansel's selfie at the end of the Valentino runway last week (plus the front row seat for Vine superstar Jerome Jarre), to the careers it has created for bloggers, vloggers and haulers alike, social media stunts are not - as they once would have been - frowned upon but instead welcomed with open arms into a world that yearns to be entertained! The internet is a huge place and in this ever-evolving world of online fashion, it's easy to feel a bit lost sometimes. Let i-D talk you through A-Z... it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

A is for Asos
They got burnt down, but they got up again... you're never gonna keep them down. Despite a warehouse fire last year, asos (As Seen On Screen, their original concept being to sell cheap imitations of celeb looks) are now the UK's largest independent online fashion retailer with a huge fanbase and their very own eBay style 'marketplace'. If you haven't heard of them, go home.

B is for Brat Star Syndrome
We weren't sure what Mooching was, Bip Ling, and your latest video informing the world that you were suffering from Brat Star Syndrome has left us feeling equally as perplexed. Is this #fashion? Is this real life?

C is for Cyber Monday
The continuation of Black Friday (the beginning of the Christmas shopping season), Cyber Monday is the first Monday back at work post-Thanksgiving, a day which apparently no one actually spends working. It's basically a term e-tailers invented to make you think that everyone else is online shopping on this day, and therefore you should be too.

D is for Delevingners
If Cara's fans were confined to one country, it would have a population of over 10 million and an atmosphere both fun and completely terrifying. We're fairly sure there would be daily Disney-style Cara parades, with residents so infatuated with their leader they quickly start to look, dress, speak and act exactly like the i-D cover star.

E is for E-Con
Like icon, but on the internet. You don't have to have done anything particularly iconic to be an e-con, you just need a passion for fashion, a thirst for ♥'s on your #ootd's (see 'O') and wifi.

F is for Femail Fashion Finder
Just incase the sidebar of shame didn't already consume enough of your life, the Daily Mail have recently started 'finding the fashion' in each of their hugely important and very serious news stories in an attempt to get you to spend $$$ as well as time on their site. Such a bad influence.

G is for Good vs. Evil
While the internet brings fashion to the people - streaming (see 'S') what was once super exclusive high fashion straight to mobile phones and making the world's favourite fashion faces feel like friends as they share their personal lives with whoever cares to follow - surely the magic of a fashion show is lost when even those in the audience are watching through their screens? Don't judge, it's our job!

H is for Haul Video
Usually confined to make-up and clothes, a haul video is where a YouTube vlogger tells you where, for example, the best Primark - or often, weirdly, Kmart - in town is before continuing to show and describe to you in fine detail, everything they bought in said Primark/Kmart. This, along with make-up tutorials, is what has transformed many a humble vlogger's hobby into a fully fledged career. In fact, last year's most Googled fashion designer was not one of our coveted Instagram-nailing, super-talented superstars like Olivier Rousteing or Riccardo Tisci, but hauler turned Forever 21 designer, 19-year-old Bethany Mota.

I is for Instagram Casting
Back before the internet was God, photographers and casting directors would stalk the streets for the freshest, realest faces for their shoots. Nowadays it's much easier to scroll through instagram and do a different sort of stalking until you're months deep in a friend of a friend of a friend's selfies and you've found something special. Plenty of brands are making it even easier for themselves and turning it into a sort of competition, with Marc by Marc Jacob's #CastMeMarc campaign casting nine of the 70,000 kids who entered.

J is for Jobs Jobs Jobs
Sure, it's really hard to get work these days, but there are a hell of a lot more creative jobs in existence than there once were. From e-commerce photography to all manner of digital strategists, the online fashion world is peppered with weird and wonderful jobs such as Topman's online personal shoppers who dress you via video chat and asos' stylists who're on hand to live chat you words of wisdom from the comfort of their own home. Shouts to tumblr who employed some bloke as a 'Fashion Evangelist'.

K is for Kendall Jenner
Even though Marc Jacobs is apparently appalled by social media, he was the first to cast the queen of the Instagirls in one of his shows. The reality star is just one example of how the internet invented fashion's latest phenomenon: the it-model.

L is for Live Stream
If you can get it online, why the hell would you bother leaving the house for it? While actually applicable to most things in life, it is this question that tempts fashion journalists to a morning off fashion month when it comes to live streaming shows online. When Burberry became the first to give it a go back in 2010, fashion fans worldwide tuned in for way more access than they'd usually get, and a taste for what is increasingly becoming standard practise.

M is for Moving Editorial
"Moving editorials are the future of fashion!" proclaimed Karlie Kloss as she shared her very own for Vogue via Twitter. Bringing traditional editorials to life, watching them is like pressing play on your favourite shoot, the beauty never faltering as the models seamlessly switch looks before your very eyes. Lose your shit over Karlie's perfect example.

N is for Net-a-Porter
Natalie Massenet started Net-a-Porter in the year 2000, when the idea of buying designer clothes over the internet was strange and new. "When I was going around talking about selling clothes online it was a different time, even the consumer didn't know that they wanted it yet." They soon learnt that they did, however, and Net-a-Porter became the leading lady of online fashion, with Mr Porter hanging around at her side, wishing he was her. (Also, Nastygal. Sitting pretty somewhere between asos and Net-a-Porter, Sophia Amoruso's empire sprung from a ebay vintage store she ran back in 2006.)

O is for #OOTD
It seems to be a mystery where exactly this acronym started, but it sure is everywhere now. Hashtag #ootd to share your outfit of the day with the internet. Don't forget to click through for style inspiration, bad fashion choices and awkward poses. in a hashtag.

P is for P'Trique
She's the YouTube sensation who taught fashion planet that 'totally' is spelt T-O-T-E-S, hobo is the new boho, and if you're not in the first two rows, you don't matter, honey. Her online series, Sh*t Fashion Girls Say went viral in 2012 and is #chictothenextlev

Q is for Question, Tell Me What You Think About Me...
Because when it boils down to it, all we really want from our #ootd 'grams and fashion tweets is approval. When those instahearts start flowing in, our own hearts swell with pride in the knowledge that yes, you put together a great outfit this morning and hell yeah, you made an awesome 140-character point about that look in that show. You did good, kid.

R is for Rookie
Rookie (formally Style Rookie)'s founder and editor-in-chief Tavi Gevinson is everything we wish we were motivated enough to be. Having started her fashion blog aged just 11, she's become a FW regular, Opening Ceremony muse, published author, broadway actor, and all-round dreamboat/ultimate role model by 18. Tavi makes us feel like Rookies.

S is for Susie Bubble
The brightly coloured Queen of fashion blogging. Blessed with the ability to power clash better than anybody else in the game, our Susie was one of the first generation Y bloggers. Still running Style Bubble, she paved the way for Tavi et al and now travels the globe reporting for various publications including yours truly, consulting, presenting, starring in a few campaigns herself and making our fashion feelings bubble over with joy. (Also, Royal Mail's Something For You missed delivery notice you're guaranteed to find stuck under your door when ordering clothes online, despite actually being at home.)

T is for Tumblr Girl/Tumblr Boy
Similar to Tinder Boy or Tinder Girl, these are what fashion bloggers call their Tumblr crushes. They tend to go unnamed due to the sheer number of them but when you whittle it down to one particular boy or girl that you PM all the time, they're finally christened 'Tumblr Boy' or 'Tumblr Girl'. Most of these types, moving with the times, have evolved into Instagirls and boys who win all kinds of hearts.

U is for Unboxing Videos
These are where people got the idea for Haul Videos (see 'H'), and are basically the same except clothes are replaced with toys, iPhones, or other things people are able to buy and remove from their boxes on camera.

V is for Vlogging
A combination of the words 'video' and 'blogging'. This is how Zoella (see 'Z') and other YouTubers such as Bethany Mota (see 'H') and P'Trique (see 'P') became internet fashion sensations. All you need is a webcam.

W is for Women's Wear Daily
Women's Wear Daily is never going to be the same - as we've known it for the last 105 years - again. Due to the ever-impending worldwide domination of the internet, our daily fashion binge will have to be weekly. From 29th April WWD will aptly become WWW. On paper at least, as it downsizes on print and focuses on its online audience. 'W' also stands for: what colour is this dress?

X is for X-Rated and X-Posed
Free the nipple, set yourself free, always push the boundaries of fashion with what comes naturally. But be sure to artfully cover your modesty with stars, hearts and emoji poos until the instalaw changes or risk getting your account deleted. It's happened to the best of us.

Y is for YouTube
With everything you could ever want to know how to do - from sex stuff to cooking and sewing - carefully explained and demonstrated on youtube, there's no reason not to start blogging, marketing or designing your own clothes. Even our wonderful mate Ryan Lo has admitted to learning dressmaking skills from online tutorials. Do your best to ignore the cats and instead try to see YouTube as a red and white fountain of knowledge, just waiting to be splashed about it.

Z is for Zoella
Zoella, short for Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, is the clever (she got all A's in her A-Levels), pretty, perky and essentially totally normal 24-year-old from Wiltshire, who occasionally suffers from anxiety. She's also a YouTube sensation with 7 million subscribers, who turned hauling (see 'H') into collabs with BooHoo and Topshop, a contract with Radio 1 and the fastest selling debut novel since Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (ironic).


Text Francesca Dunn and Felicity Kinsella
Photography Piczo
The Collectors Issue, No. 328, Winter 2013

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