​i think, therefore i ‘gram; here are march’s best instas

From Kim K’s naked selfie to Kylie Jenner’s fly away lips, here are the best instas of the month. Warning: contains graphic content (yessss)

by Tish Weinstock
07 April 2016, 11:31pm

Justin <3 Selena 4eva
They say your first love is the hardest to get over. While Justin Bieber's clearly still not over me, the Biebs is also showing signs of longing for second love, Selena Gomez, if this adorbs #tbt pic is anything to go by. We feel you too, Justin.

Rihana's sing off
That feeling when you're mid way through your concert and you pass the mic to a fan in the crowd and he turns out to be Pavarotti.

Not another nude selfie
No stranger to breaking the internet, getting her kit off, and taking selfies, Kim Kardashian combined all three when she posted this nude pic of herself standing in front of the mirror, with two black bars covering her no so private parts. While it's highly impressive that Kim's nude pics still have the power to break the internet/globe/planet, in the sage words of Bette Midler, "If Kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen, she's gonna have to swallow the camera."

And another
Flying the flag of feminism, actress, model, and naked but empowered star of Robin Thicke's, Blurred Lines, Emily Ratajkowski showed solidarity to womankind when she pulled a Kim and posted a naked pic of herself onto Insta, with the sassiest caption of all time: "what to wear tonight". Yay, girl power!

Yep, and another
As if it would end there! Coming out in full force, breasts blazing, Kim Kardashian teamed up with Emily Ratajkowski, to create the ultimate super nude selfie, shutting down all haters, sending shivers down Piers Morgan's spine, and empowering women everywhere to take control of their bodies and be proud of their sexuality.

Lips might fly
Littlest of the Kardashian klan, Kylie Jenner proved what a loller she was earlier this month when she posted a weird but funny pic of herself with her old lips superimposed onto her face, while fixing wings (no, seriously) onto her new plumped up lips, with the caption: "fly away my friend."

Liv 4 Ben
Also feeling the pangs of nostalgia this month, was Elfin Queen Liv Tyler, who posted the most perfect black and white #tbt pic of her and King of the Nanny Affairs, Ben Affleck, on the set of the saddest film in the world, Armageddon. We'd stay awake just to hear you breathing, too.

Mom's the word
Zayn Malik sent shockwaves through One Direction world when he posted an image of himself with the letters "MOM" tattooed to the side of his head, lest he forgot the name of his first ever solo album, Mind of Mine. Luckily it turned out to be fake. #phew!


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