kanye released two new tracks this weekend, about politics and poop

Plus new music from Ariana, Xtina and Riri.

by Georgie Wright
30 April 2018, 1:35pm

Kanye released music about his political views and poop
Surprisingly, they’re not one and the same. The prolific Tweeter, once famous for his rap music, tweeted two new songs over the weekend. One of them -- Ye vs. The People -- digs into his contentious support for Trump, and sees him lob debate back and forth with ‘The People’, aka T.I.

While it may seem that T.I., the guy who bragged about his ability to gift his lover a “Five million dollar home” and “any bag she want”, mightn’t be the best representative for all of The People, he does offer some fairly astute counterpoints to Kanye’s Trumpsession. “This shit is stubborn, selfish, bullheaded, even for you / You wore a dusty ass hat to represent the same views / As white supremacy, man, we expect better from you.”

Kanye’s rebuttal runs along two lines. Firstly, he claims, “I know Obama was Heaven-sent / But ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be President.” Which is frankly one of the most self-satisfying lines of defense ever toted, even for Kanye. He’s essentially saying, “Hey, if this narcissist with no political experience whatsoever can manipulate a country into voting for him to play snooker with their lives for his own personal gain and fame, so can I.” Can’t wait for 2024.

Kanye’s second point is that we shouldn’t hate Trump, because hate is bad and we should all just love one another. He raps, "Make America Great Again had a negative reception. I took it, wore it, rocked it gave it a new direction. Added empathy, care and love and affection, and y'all simply questionin' my methods." Which, sure. Hate is bad. Love is good. Maybe Kanye should tell Trump.

If that’s all a bit much for you to digest bright and early on Monday, you can always just chuck on Kanye’s other track which -- just speculating here -- is also possibly North’s debut cowrite? Pulitzer-worthy lyrics, if you please:

Poopy-di scoop
Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop
Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop
Poop, poop
Whoop-diddy-scoop, poop

˙ɯ˙ǝ˙ɹ 'ƃuos ʍǝu sǝsɐǝʇ ɐuɐᴉɹɐ
Having played No Tears Left to Cry precisely 11 times on the office speakers and 17 on our headphones per day, we’re ready for our next dose of heady pop perfection. Thankfully, Ari tweeted another ambiguous upside down message to similarly upend our worlds:

While we first pondered if she was going down a more alternative rock route, perhaps with a cover of Losing My Religion, eager fans put us straight. They deduced that from her subsequent tweets about dreams and “sleeeeeeep” she is probably referring to the phase of shuteye that Google explains “occurs at intervals during the night and is characterised by rapid eye movements, more dreaming and bodily movement, and faster pulse and breathing”. You know -- that really deep sleep that we haven’t experienced since Trump took office and we read that story about the girl getting stuck in a window after climbing out of a loo on a Tinder date. Bless Ariana, she knows exactly what we need.

Speaking of our favourite popstars releasing new music, there’s rumours that Rihanna has new music en route
A “source close to Rihanna’s camp” told Metro that “Rihanna wasn’t happy with how her last album performed -- even though she loved how it turned out, she knows she needs a new project full of smash hits to avoid two back-to-back flops,” adding, “she’s currently recording two albums -- one full of chart-friendly songs, and another made up of moody and experimental tracks -- and is considering releasing a double disc if she feels the songs won’t mesh well on the same album.”

Single or double album aside, Rih confirmed via Instagram that new tunes are incoming, replying “she coming sis!” to a fan’s demand for “fenty MUSIC.” The news comes on the back of her announcing a new lingerie line, set to be released on 11 May. All in all, this bodes very well for our sex lives.

Speaking of speaking of our favourite popstars releasing new music, get Xcited for Xtina
Between debuting a brand new make-under and flogging everyone’s favourite cookies (as if we needed anymore encouragement to inhale a pack of Oreos), Xtina’s apparently been working on a new album. She finally gave us taste of this at a recent live show, with a video and lots of words beginning with X.

She also posted quite a cryptic video of lots of CCTV-esque cameras on Twitter. One savvy fan zoomed in really close and deduced that the first single will be out on May 3. Which is either reading way too much into things, or a thrilling confirmation that we only have three days to wait until fresh Xtina.

Happy ten year anniversary of this pic of Bruno Mars being surprised by Pete Wentz!
In celebration, please go and read our interview with Pete Wentz here while blasting From Under the Cork Tree on repeat. Thank you, come again.

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