this is milan, straight up

We met the faces who are making Milan the city where dreams come true. Together, we transformed its raw energy in pictures.

While their backgrounds could not be more different, Naomi, Pedro, June, Giorgia, Sun, Francesco and Alberto are united in making their dreams to come true in Milan. It's a city that grows more relevant and international with every day. Sun, originally from Chengdu, China, is so inspired by the city he wants to open a concept store in the Porta Venezia neighbourhood. June, from Thailand, is continually inspired by the city's style and architecture. Even those born and raised in Milan, like Francesco and Alberto, cannot see themselves living elsewhere -- no city sharing Milan's combination of cosmopolitan living and comfort.

With the city’s famous Parco Sempione and Arco della Pace surrounding us, we transformed this raw energy in pictures. Milan is a city ready for a million new adventures.

Naomi, 23, Fashion design student at NABA, Milan

What is the soundtrack to your life right now?
The latest Benny Revival's mix.

What do you like most about life in Milan?
MACAO, the club where I love spending my nights. Last weekend I went home at 9am!

Are you a dreamer?
Being a student means having a world in front of you. I don't feel my ideas tainted by others and I spend a lot of time fantasising about my future. My feet are not on the ground, at all.

What will your generation be remembered for?
We have unprecedented freedom, but we are also very confused. I think we'll be remembered for the enormous number of images we create on social media.

Pedro, 21, student, Brescia

What two words do you think your friends use to describe you?
Dumb and easygoing.

What song are you playing on repeat?
Walk on Water, A$AP Mob.

What’s the best bit of Milan?
The area surrounding the Central Station, where all the skaters hang out and spend their time together. It’s a place full of energy and sense of steady motion.

What will your generation be remembered for?
The ones who destroyed the world.

June, 24, Business design student, Bangkok

What's your favourite thing about being young and living in Milan?
Living here is already one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I'm getting to know new people, I'm seeing new things that have nothing in common with my culture. I try to spend as much time as possible with my Italian friends, because they show me the real Milan, the one tourists never see. My favourite places are Corso Como and the area between Moscova and Porta Garibaldi neighbourhoods.

What will your generation be remembered for?
Social media. Recently I've deleted my Facebook profile. Now I only use Instagram.

Giorgia, 22, Fashion graduate, Milan

How would your friends describe you?
Real, sensitive and jealous (of my clothes especially).

What is the soundtrack to your life right now?

Where do you go to dance?
MACAO and Dude, two clubs where you can set yourself free.

What's your favourite thing about being young and living in Milan?
Energy. Enthusiasm. If it's not okay, it's not the end. As far as I am concerned, Milan could be the Italian capital.

Sun, 22, Fashion student, Chengdu

Where do you go to dance in Milan?
I love after-parties.

What's your favourite thing about being young and living in Milan?
People and time. London is not like that at all. I think I'll stay in Milan. I'd like to open a concept store in Porta Venezia. It will be called SUNLIT, but first of all let me graduate!

What will your generation be remembered for?
This question is too hard to be answered.

Francesco, 22, Law Student, Milan

Where are your favourite spots to hang out in Milan?
East Milan, Lambrate neighborhood. Ascoli Square, Leonardo Square. These are the spots where I've spent my adolescence.

What will your generation be remembered for?
Either we'll be destroyed by technology, or we'll learn to dominate it.

Alberto, 22, Creative, Milan

What song is on repeat right now?
I've recently discovered this American group on Bandcamp, they're called Pinegrove. I like supporting independent artists.

Where is your favourite Milan hot spot?
The Lambrate area. I know every spot there, because is where I used to hang out in the past. Many people would love to live in Milan! I feel very lucky indeed.

What will your generation be remembered for?
For the creativity and awareness we have while using social media.

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