gal gadot will reportedly pull out of wonder woman if they don’t cut brett ratner

Ratner, a producer on the film, has been accused of numerous awful things.

by Georgie Wright
13 November 2017, 3:14pm

Wonder Woman, 2017

Quick update on all the reported ways Hollywood producer and director Brett Ratner is a piece of filth: in 2011 Vulture reported that he appeared on Attack of the Show and said that he “bang[ed]” Olivia Munn “before she was Asian.” He apparently said in a film Q&A that “Rehearsal is for fags.” And now, as reported by the LA Times, six women have come out with allegations that he sexually assaulted them, including Olivia Munn and a 19-year-old model who alleges that he forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Cue fictional and literal Wonder Woman Gal Gadot putting her knee high, metallic red, gold embossed boot down. According to Page Six, Gal is threatening to pull out of any sequels if Warner Bros. don’t sever ties completely with Brett Ratner. This comes on the back of the actress pulling out of presenting Ratner an award at a dinner designed to honour him, the report explains.

While it’s fairly soul destroying to wake up everyday and wade through so many awful allegations of so many men being so completely horrendous, it’s also amazing to see women taking back the control. We’re speaking out, we’re demanding change and we are ready for it. Oh we are so, so ready for it.

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