taylor swift channels naked sci-fi android in her new music video

Are you ready for it?

by Frankie Dunn
23 October 2017, 4:59pm

Alien: Covenant, Blade Runner 2049, Ghost In The Shell... Taylor Swift's Are You Ready For It? This afternoon the 27-year-old popstar shared three identical trailers for her new music video on Instagram. In something like a teaser for 2k17's latest sci-fi meets superhero movie, Tay Tay plays a glass-smashing, lightning-conducting, crystal ball-toting, cape-wearing, naked robot girl.

Hopefully not a case of Look What You Made Me Do, but rather an emboldened choice she made herself ...Are You Ready For It? looks set to be intense. If you've got nothing else in the diary for Thursday night, keep an eye out for the full thing.

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