topman autumn/winter 15

Topman kicks off LC:M, retro style.

by Anders Christian Madsen
10 January 2015, 10:35am

It's so appropriate that Topman opens the men's shows. And for a city like London where four days' worth of designers offer their diamond-in-the-rough proposals to the immediate - and long-term - future of menswear, Topman is the fashion giant that channels all those ideas into the trends, which will eventually take over our streets. Perhaps for that reason, Gordon Richardson wasn't about to credit his extremely 70s autumn/winter 15 collection to his own youth, although he didn't completely deny the idea. "Everything has an element of personal approach to it, doesn't it? There are things that you wore - things that you liked - and they have relevance because you've worn them, and you know how they look and culturally, you know they worked in history," the Design Director said. 

Richardson and his team picked up where they left off last season, somewhere in the mid-late 70s, but there was a highland-y charisma to huge shearling jackets and great, big floor-length coats, which added some of that statement piece flair LCM likes so much. (The "glam rock bowling shoes", as the designer called them, did their part to convey said sentiment.) "You have to be challenging in this kind of arena, don't you?" Richardson said. "Because it's where we start all our ideas, and a lot of those filter down into collections later on, be it six months or be it in a year. It's when our audience is ready to consume it. But there's the fashion boys, who want it straight away, so when we launch that there are kids out there, who just want to wear that." And who could blame them?


Text Anders Christian Madsen
Photography Ash Kingston

Ash Kingston
London Collections: Men
autumn/winter 15
anders christian madsen