actress ellie bamber can rap the whole of rapper’s delight

As we round up 2015's freshest faces for our 35th birthday special, meet multitalented dream girl Ellie Bamber.

by i-D Staff
01 July 2015, 8:00pm

Fresh-faced Brit Ellie Bamber is moving from the stage to the screen. This year, she appeared in the Old Vic theater company's rendition of High Society in London and made her big-screen debut in The Falling, Carol Morely's eerie tale of hysterical 1960s schoolgirls. Along with her enormous acting talent, Ellie has serious cool girl credentials. She fronts the band Annoy the Boy, which released its EP Rush last November, and she's also set to appear in the 2016 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. With her breakthrough year coming up, it won't be long until we are all stalking her Instagram and trying to get tickets to her gigs.

What do you do and why do you do it?
Acting and singing, because I love it!

Describe yourself in five words.
Goofy, energetic, determined, loyal, clumsy.

How did you start your career?
Boring my parents with "shows" from the age of four.

What was your big break?
My elbow, when I was six. Does that count? Hopefully it's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

What are you working on at the moment?
High Society at The Old Vic.

We're celebrating the 35th Birthday Issue of i-D, when did you last celebrate and what was the occasion?
My 18th birthday!

What excites you most about tomorrow?
Pretty much everything.

What's your party trick?
"The crane'' and rapping the whole of Rapper's Delight with my dad.

Finish this sentence: 35 is the new…
Age of happy?


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