our favorite calvin klein ads of all time

With Justin Bieber now announced as the new face of Calvin Klein, we revisit our favorites and take a trip through the coolest CK ads of all time.

by i-D Team
07 January 2015, 9:55am

Obsession, 1992
Before there was little Lottie fronting the Calvin Klein Jeans x Mytheresa.com The Re-Issue Project, there was Kate. Poster girl for grunged up teenage spirit, by 1992 Kate Moss had become the fashion world's obsession. Fittingly, she was made the face of Calvin Klein's covetous fragrance of the same name. Shot in black and white by her old flame Mario Sorrenti, it was the ad that had everyone wanting more. Never underestimate the power of Obsession.

Eternity, 1995
When we're together, time can't touch us. Shot by Peter Lindbergh in 1995, the campaign for heavenly CK fragrance Eternity, is one of the dreamiest to date. Imagine Christy Turlington frolicking around on a beach with her picture perfect family. The water is warm, the sand is soft, and there's not a care in the world. Wouldn't you want to live like this for eternity?

Calvin Klein Jeans, 1980
You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing. Aged just 15, Brooke Shields' ads for Calvin Klein Jeans were considered some of the most controversial of all time. Shot by Richard Avedon, the commercials featured a young and dreamy Brooke bending her body in all sorts of acrobatic positions as she showed off her brand new high waisted skinnies. If you wanna be cool, you gotta bend it like Brooke.

Calvin Klein Underwear, 2006
Forget Goldenballs, ex-Arsenal player Freddie Ljunberg's got the best body in town. Muscles flexed, abs greased, and eyes as blue as the ocean, Freddie's 2006 campaign for Calvin Klein Underwear made every housewife in the world want to watch football. We love you Freddie.

Calvin Klein Underwear, 1992
From hot to hotter, Mark Wahlberg is without a doubt the original Calvin Klein superhunk. Shot by Herb Ritts in 1992, Hollywood's biggest bad boy is pictured strutting his stuff, grabbing his Calvin Klein crotch, and just generally being dreamy. Do your Calvins look as good?

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